The ancient gigs

Many of a time in the past the gigs were posted here and as the interweblets grew and grew and the social obligation was to power the shows through some form of viralisation of content the world started again fixating on the the ancient and well worn pit stops of snorkelling, macrame and correspondence. of course once the certificates had been laminated and eyes were dotty and the teas were hybridised adn the lines were crossed and the apologies made we all made our lunch and made eyes across the room much like our aunties in the days gone by. Thank you

A Friday evening – yes the 1st of July


Not enough tropicality in your life? No wonder the end of the fiscally oriented year feels so challenging. Why not take that negativity and invert it with a measured melodious dose of The Wikimen, complete with Vitamin Ros, Nara, Declan and essential minerals such as Justin,Renato and Dan. You’ll be full of vigour and eager to make whoopie or just dance as you please. Vim the crap out of the evening with a group of humans eager to have sophisticated conversation bereft of esoteric nonsense and full of anecdotes that you’ll be able to take home and chortle at several times over!



Well hello January with a concert at Open Studio!


Oh my what a good idea to come to Open Studio on the 23rd of January!

What will happen?
Well, there may be a lovely t-shirt to try on.
Is this a humourous version of rhetorical speech?
But it may be too hot to wear a t-shirt.
Yes! Once all the people start showing off the fun new moves that the kids do when they try to impersonate their elderly relatives and their children.
Thats nice.
Yes it is, isnt it.

The Wikimen at Open Studio 27 June in the evening!


Extremely please The Wikimen come to play for the pleasure on a Saturday Evening for you and your nicest friends. Please come to try your favourite old time dancing moves and look in to the eyes of your nearest and dearest. Perhaps consider inviting an old flame to reminisce about the time you shared a pineapple or other tropical treat with that neighbourhood mouser who was having trouble giving up the hard stuff. Share a story and a french pancake in the presence of Nara Demasson, Ros JonesDeclan Jones Dan Witton and Chris Lewis who will do their very bestest to sprinkle you aurally with the tunes that your great aunt was partial to at a weekend soiree back at about 2.47am with cucumber sandwiches and a special cup of tea with a side of screech.

The Wikimen at the Spotted Mallard Sunday 22nd December

The Spotted Mallard
Sunday 22nd December
Matinee performance from 4:30pm

for free even!


So nice so close to the yuletide happy holidays for your pleasures. Have some sort of good to eats and then take your friend by the paw to help the digestion onto the parquetry to move your internal organs in the most amiable fashion to the sounds of hula choro old timer popular tunes.
With the fine Joneses on the brass it will be very pleasant for your nieces and nephews, aunties and uncles.